Mission's Supported by Delmarva Evangelistic World Outreach

Thomas & Beverly Brumbley

Serving the Lord in Haiti since 1972


Dr. Ray Chamberlain, founder of the home church in Salisbury, Maryland, sent Thomas & Beverly Brumbley to Haiti.

In November 1972, they established the Evangelistic World Outreach, Inc. in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Through the years, many ministries have emerged:

Boys' orphanage
Carpentry shop
Elementary schools
Bible schools
English school
Adult education classes
Bible chapel program
Feeding programs

Headquarters in Port-au-Prince

A church, an elementary school

2 Bible schools

A carpentry shop, and adult education classes.

Besides our Headquarters in Port-au-Prince,

E.W.O. has extended into the southern countryside areas:

La Vallee, Jacmel - a church

Petit Goave - a church and elementary school

Arnoux - a church, elementary and high schools, computer


classes, and animal husbandry (raising goats, etc.)

Orangers - church, elementary & high school

Losier - a church

Banda-Chita - a church

Caiman - a church and school

Las Cahobas - a church and Bible school

Dufort - a church

7 other churches and 4 schools started by pastors who are a


part of our National Board

A feeding program in Port-au-Prince and vitamin programs in


Petit Goave, Arnoux, Orangers, and Meyer




Their vision is to continue to prepare and train the Haitians so


that they can reach their own people. They feel the importance

and need to teach the children and young people in Haiti,


before they are indoctrinated into the ways of Voodoo, a



practiced satanic religion in the country.



“I(We) press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God


has called (us) heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

                                                                                           Phil. 3:14

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